Emilie, Intern with Legendre Construction

“After just a few days as an intern, you almost feel almost like a permanent employee because the fantastic atmosphere helps integration so much. The renowned family side of Legendre Group is something is really felt by workers. Legendre has also found the perfect balance between autonomy and guidance for employees, which is very important for interns in particular! These days, I feel more productive within the department than I did to start with, because of pro-active management and support from a range of different employees. From task to task, I have felt trust being placed in me, and I have been given greater autonomy with time. Other employees are happy to pass their knowledge on, in a friendly environment, and I have found it to be a very enriching experience! As a young person, among so many others in the Group, team cohesion, confidence from others, and delegated work are the strengths for an internship and they provide real motivation day in day out”.