Ludovic, Price Study Technician for All Trades

“I found it easy to fit in with the Group because of the young and attentive team. The integration day, organised every year at the head offices in Rennes, fostered group cohesion and allowed me to get to know the divisions and main players within Legendre Group. I quickly integrated into the All Trades team, in an open-space where 4 of us work, allowing us to share our experiences.

There are currently 7 of us working as All Trades Price Study Technicians, including 2 business managers and 1 sales director. Our direct management also remain close to us and are very responsive. With time, we have taken on increased responsibility and have become almost completely autonomous.

The friendly working atmosphere is supported by the manageable size of the head offices. I would like to underline the accessibility and proximity of all members in the IDF main office, allowing me to benefit from experience and quality for the most challenging cases I am faced with.”