“I found it easy to fit in with the Group because of the young and attentive team. The integration day, organised every year at the head offices in Rennes, fostered group cohesion and allowed me to get to know the divisions and main players within Legendre Group. I quickly integrated into the All Trades team, in an open-space where 4 of us work, allowing us to share our experiences. There are currently 7 of us working as All Trades Price Study Technicians, including 2 business managers and 1 sales director. Our direct management also remain close to us and are very responsive. With time, we have taken on increased responsibility and have become almost completely autonomous. The friendly working atmosphere is supported by the manageable size of the head offices. I would like to underline the accessibility and proximity of all members in the IDF main office, allowing me to benefit from experience and quality for the most challenging cases I am faced with.”

Ludovic, Price Study Technician for All Trades

“Initially working on a temporary basis, I then decided I wanted to remain with the Group for the long term. After spending a brief period working on price studies over the summer, I transferred from the All-Trades team to the Major Works team, starting work on a major site from September 2015! The values encouraged by the company, hard work, group cohesion, friendliness and good working relationships between staff, make sure that the work remains captivating, and give me motivation in my day-to-day work. There’s a real entrepreneurial attitude within the company.”

Valentin, Site Supervisor for Major Works with Legendre Construction

“After more than 5 years with the company, I think that Legendre understands how to help its employees grow, giving them a great deal of autonomy but still ensuring they are guided by an experienced member of staff. The decision making chain remains relatively short, and that allows the company to make fast decisions with each of us forming a strong link in the chain. Finally, the atmosphere at work is supported by quality team building activities (out of work excursions, ski trips, site visits, etc.).”

Maxime, operations officer for Legendre Real Estate

“After just a few days as an intern, you almost feel almost like a permanent employee because the fantastic atmosphere helps integration so much. The renowned family side of Legendre Group is something is really felt by workers. Legendre has also found the perfect balance between autonomy and guidance for employees, which is very important for interns in particular! These days, I feel more productive within the department than I did to start with, because of pro-active management and support from a range of different employees. From task to task, I have felt trust being placed in me, and I have been given greater autonomy with time. Other employees are happy to pass their knowledge on, in a friendly environment, and I have found it to be a very enriching experience! As a young person, among so many others in the Group, team cohesion, confidence from others, and delegated work are the strengths for an internship and they provide real motivation day in day out”.

Emilie, Intern with Legendre Construction

“Legendre Group’s strong identity and family history make it a company that is easy to get attached to. The good atmosphere among employees, the autonomy I’m given in my work, the team dynamics and the challenges I face all encourage me to grow so I can support the Group’s future. From the first days of my internship, I really felt like part of the team. From my first steps as an employee, 2 years ago, I have noted that trust is crucial to the company, with trust being placed in you and in turn being encouraged to learn how to trust others. These two aspects that result in a simplified organisation, autonomy for workers and participative management, contribute to the good atmosphere throughout Legendre, and motivating teams day in day out. Choosing Legendre Group for a placement puts you in the driving seat for your future professional life!”

Mylène, apprentice marketing assistant

“Taking an apprenticeship was an obvious step for me. I wanted to get an initial feel of what things are like in the professional world. Legendre Group has supported me in that decision and given me the opportunity to work with the company’s teams as a designer. From my first day with the company, I have felt like I have integrated very quickly. It is a young and dynamic company. I can feel that every day as I work on the projects at hand. What I like about the group more than anything else is the desire to help it evolve. The family spirit of the company is another major strength for me. That’s why I already feel that after a few months I can say that Legendre is a company where I feel at ease and brimming with confidence.”

Morgane, apprentice designer

“I integrated into the team very quickly, and, after several months with Legendre Group, I feel that I have a high degree of autonomy and that I am entrusted with numerous responsibilities. The working atmosphere is also very friendly!”

Lucas, assistant project manager

“The company’s reputation and its family side were the main reasons that I wanted to join Legendre Group. I arrived in October 2007, joining the “general company” division, then I moved into real estate promotion since I am particularly interested in all the parts upstream from construction: development and project planning. Working in a group with multiple skill-sets makes our daily work easier: Having an integrated research office and a construction company at our disposal differentiates us from a standard promoter. This advantage represents our company brand and that’s what makes the difference, especially for some larger projects. The company invests in a range of different areas, including sport, sponsorship, the Château des Pères and the Nominoë Fund. All of these areas play a role in the company dynamic and reflect the company’s values, which match my own.”

Samuel, Program Director with Legendre Real Estate

“I integrated within the group quite naturally. My 6 months as an intern allowed me to meet and get to know everyone in the agency prior to starting my permanent role. Also, I was able to successfully complete my training with an experienced supervisor while taking on the responsibility of the role as a young site supervisor. After 10 months at Legendre, the position I occupied fitted my expectations perfectly. Having managed the execution phase of a site for all trades shows the degree of trust that was placed in me. In addition, the atmosphere in the agency and amongst site teams is a great strength for Legendre. “

Yann, Site Supervisor All-Trades

“Legendre’s policy encourages everyone to integrate into the team, on both personal and professional levels. An individual integration process is established in order to meet the managers of each sector and find out more about the sector, while welcome drinks and events that bring the whole agency together are regular occurrences. Since I joined the Group, I have been pleasantly surprised by the responsibility I have been entrusted with and the trust placed in interns, temps and new employees, allowing us to quickly develop autonomy and professional experience. The group is organised in such a way that it makes relations between everyone easier and more fluid, especially with managers. Legendre is a group with a human size where people matter, and this results in a good working environment and a friendly atmosphere between everyone.”

Nathalie, Site Supervisor All Trades

“I had heard a lot of good things about Legendre: a family-run group with strong human values, with employees enjoying a high degree of autonomy, good opportunities for progression and a lot of confidence placed in younger generations. I could become a project manager at the age of 25 with Legendre, while in my old job I would have had to wait at least another 5 years! The average age is fairly young and there is a good gender balance in my department. We also benefit from well organised training, with annual check-ups. This training covers technical aspects, but also subjects associated with personal development and managerial qualities. Employees are not left to fend for themselves!”

Maël, Estimating Director