With more than 200 permanent staff hired each year, the Legendre Group is opening positions for all professions and at all levels.

We also welcome many trainees and work-study placement students in all our offices, whether they are undertaking end-of-study projects, construction site work experience, construction work apprenticeships or are in their final year at engineering school.

The Legendre Group recruitment process


Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process was designed to give the company and candidates the time to constructively discuss and reflect on how future employment would benefit both parties.

It is organised as follows:

  1. 1. Analysis of CVs and cover letters
  2. 2. Meeting the candidates

Each selected candidate meets someone from HR and an operational manager.

The HR meeting enables the company and the candidate to check that the position suits the applicant’s personal goals.

During this meeting, the discussion will focus on motivation and career development plans and will be the opportunity to address all contractual issues.

Each candidate will also get to meet their future line manager. This is therefore an opportunity to address more operational topics and the specific tasks attached to a role. There will also be pinpointed discussions around the candidate’s skills, team organisation and details of the working environment.

These two meetings are a systematic part of the process and make it possible to check that we share complementary views and expectations. Each meeting is an open, transparent dialogue offering plenty of information in order to guarantee that the candidate is fully aware of his or her commitments.

A third interview may also be arranged for a site visit or a meeting with other department members with a stake in the recruitment.

What we expect from a candidate

Joining the Legendre Group depends solely on your technical skills, personality and commitment.
















The Legendre Group is a family-owned company with a strong corporate culture shared by all its employees. We expect candidates to be passionate about their work, enthusiastic, committed and keen to share in our philosophy.

Our entrepreneurial culture and the autonomy and responsibilities that are quickly given to employees require immediate and reciprocal trust. We are therefore keen to recruit people who believe in our mode of organization and values.

Do you feel you would fit in with the Legendre Group’s culture? Do you want to join us? Explore our vacancies, submit an unsolicited application, or set up a job alert for positions that are not currently open: