Why choose Legendre?

The Group’s greatest asset is the team of women and men that make up the company. In terms of human resources, Legendre Group is committed to quality staff training, a sustained recruitment process, and helping people integrate seamlessly into their jobs.

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Pictogramme collaborateurs du Groupe Legendre

2,300 employees

15,000 hours of training each year

41 nationalities

15% of female employees within the Group

28% women, excluding craftsmen

An average age of 39 years

A message from the Chairman

“Chase your dreams as hard as you can and take risks!

This is the message we pass on to all Group employees, because the world is changing and we need to change with it. To do this, we expect all our staff to envision the future and rise to the challenges that will enable us to achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves. We rely on the strengths and potential of every one of the Group’s employees in order to adapt, innovate and continue our development. Our current priority is to enhance their commitment by giving them enough confidence and autonomy to express their talent.

A sense of daring, a desire to be enterprising and exchanges of expert knowledge all define our corporate culture and are, in my opinion, key to our Group’s future evolution.”